About Us

BMO Consultancy is your single stop consultancy firm that is focused on a successful and community engaging tokensale from start to finish. We leverage our vast knowledge and business relationships in the blockchain investment space to help you target the correct audiences globally.

Our services

Token Metrics

Using data from successful cryptocurrency projects, our own private ratings and analysis sheets we provide token sale criterion to suit all investment tiers.

Technical Code Review

Introductions to the most credible source code, testing and auditing influencers in the space.

Exchange Listings

Offering Introductions to some of the most reputable exchanges in the space.


Other than possible private investment from ourselves, we provide access to renowned accredited investors and funds for all tier stage investment opportunities.

OTC Trading Desk

Contact to some of the biggest and most trusted OTC trading desks for fast, easy post ICO cash out proceeds.


BMO offers an extensive and in-depth marketing strategy for pre and post ICO success.

Content Creation

Using our most valued contacts for content creation to spread virally via the most used crypto currency platform telegram.

Global Outreach

Providing connections and reviews from some of the biggest and most valued influencers in the space.



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